I am using an OctoPi Jessie Lite image and need either a Plymouth boot screen or just an image on boot screen instead of text logs.

I installed Plymouth using:

sudo apt-get install plymouth plymouth-themes
sudo apt-get install pix-plym-splash

and adding quiet splash plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles on the same line of /boot/cmdline.txt. I then ran sudo plymouth-set-default-theme spinfinity after reboot nothing shows up; just a white flash (like in camera flash) and then I get tty login / automatic login text and then Octoprint-tft starts up

So, I removed Plymouth:

sudo apt-get remove plymouth plymouth-themes 

I tried using fbi using this link but even then the same white flash for milliseconds and automatic login then goes to Octoprint-tft.

There is an error message while I use boot screen (Plymouth or any other) the message is:

bcm2835-aux-uart 3f215040.serial:could not get clk -517

The plymouth screen works on HDMI cable and monitor of my desktop but not showing up in Wondershare 3.5 inch LCD (B).

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