I have a class RelayChannel and I want to call the function RelayChannelOn() to this code but I get error : NameError: name 'RelayChannelOn' is not defined.

Here is the code where am calling the function.

  import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

    import time
    import RelayChannel



    GPIO.setup(21, GPIO.IN) #PIR

    GPIO.setup(RelayChannelOn(13), GPIO.OUT) #BUzzer


        time.sleep(2) # to stabilize sensor

        while True:

            if GPIO.input(21):

                GPIO.output(RelayChannel(13), True)

                time.sleep(0.5) #Buzzer turns on for 0.5 sec

                GPIO.output(RelayChannel(13), False)

                print("Motion Detected...")

                time.sleep(5) #to avoid multiple detection

            time.sleep(0.1) #loop delay, should be less than detection delay


  • This appears to be a general Python question. Perhaps search for a Python tutorial? – joan Mar 26 '18 at 22:10

I think you are missing a period in the following line:

GPIO.setup(RelayChannelOn(13), GPIO.OUT) #BUzzer

change it to:

GPIO.setup(RelayChannel.On(13), GPIO.OUT) #BUzzer
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