After successfully setting up a network using wpa_supplicant.conf, how can I change the network and have the changes take effect without rebooting? After editing wpa_supplicant.conf it seems no matter what I do I can't connect to the new network unless I reboot.

Tried in all possible permutations:

  • wpa_cli reconfigure wlan0
  • stopping/starting/restarting dhcpcd and avahi-daemon
  • ip addr flush dev wlan0
  • ifconfig wlan0 up/down

If it matters, I'm using a Wifi dongle and disabling the onboard Wifi with a line in /etc/dhcpcd.conf -- denyinterfaces wlan1

Rebooting always works and wlan0 will succesfully connect to the new network. I want to try to avoid this reboot.

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Typically after changing the configuration file for a system daemon, it is necessary to restart the daemon to get it to re-read the configuration file.

You don't mention the Linux version you are running. If you're using "systemd" system, modify wpa_supplicant.conf and enter "sudo systemctl restart wpa_supplicant.service". I'm not sure about the interface between wpa_supplicant and DHCP, so you might need to stop the network service, restart wpa_supplicant, and then start the network service.

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