I'm trying to eventually run a Debian image within Raspian, but for now I'm just trying to run Slitaz. I'm able to get the boot process going, but it hangs while loading 'rootfs(N).gz, where (N) is 1-4. With some memory tweaking, I'm able to get it to the 'Decompressing Linux' stage, yet it hangs there now and I've not been able to figure out a workaround.

I made a 2 GB qcow2 .img for the .iso, and tried allocating as much as 386 MB of RAM. It still black screens and I can't even sudo kill the process.


I barely remember this question, but I was able to use this on a different, more powerful ARM. (SPH-L900, IIRC.) Turns out that the Pi can do it, but it would take almost literally forever to load, so I can imagine what actual use would look like.

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