This might be a duplicate, but after a days of research I haven't found an answer to this. I'm looking for a device manager tool to which I can register tens/hundreds of Raspberry Pis located inside of local company network. Some of the pies are connected to the main firewall in the headquarters, some are in branch offices accessed via IPSec VPN tunnel. The main condition is that this tool should be installed on the local on-premises PC/server - something like HP Device Manager for HP Thin Clients (amazing tool).

I found a very nice tool remot3.it, it lets me register the pie, see it in the dashboard, access it via VNC, SSH, but mainly I can send any shell script to it. A pity is that it requires to open UDP ports and essentially stores all information on the 3rd party servers, we need to have everything locally. Also found Chef and Ansible, but haven't tested these yet and don't know if they can be installed locally on the server.

Does anybody know about such a piece of software which can be installed on the local server and manage connected pies? Main use of it would be to send shell scripts to the pies (reboot, managing accounts, update & upgrade, etc.).

Thanks for any help!


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You should have a look at upswift.io, they provide all the features you mentioned and the platform is free for prototyping. They also have an on-premise option.

Another option is to go with AWS IoT or Azure IoT, but I don't think they have the ability to deploy small software updates or patches.

You can also try to search a ready to use scripts in github that may do some of the things you needed, but I wouldn’t recommend you to use those in a "real" industry project.

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