If I mount my 2Tb HDD on a PI Zero it’s fine. If I put the same HDD on my PI2 there contents has little or no permissions and the directories appear as files. If mounted on both as NTFS-3G using the exact same entries in /etc/fstab I get the same problem only on the PI2. I know the zero is v6 and the other is v7. What could cause this problem?


the problem is: your HDD has a specific formatation , and the formatation is not compatible with the both Raspberry Pi. Try to format it as exFat or DOS, it normally works.

Whatever, where do you formatted the HDD? If you formatted it in a Raspberry Pi, try to format it in a Computer. I have a 1TB HDD, i formatted it as DOS (FAT) in Mac, using Disk Utility and it works in any device, including in my Raspberry Pi 3.

  • Doesn’t seem likely. And there is 1.5tb of data on the disk, cannot format it. But why would the zero work but the zerow and pi2 norrwork. They must support ntfs why wouldn’t they. – jcdm consultants Apr 2 '18 at 14:38
  • I'm not sure, but when you connect a Memory to the Zero, it changes the FileSystem.plsit data, to have a fastest communication, but, this system is not compatible to every Raspberry – yanko Apr 2 '18 at 14:47

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