I'm setting up FreeBSD (12 Current) on a 512 MB Pi 1 - I've got it up and running and I have a login prompt on the monitor, but there aren't any wired keyboards in this part of the world...

So, I figured I'd try connecting via ssh. I can connect but, using the documented username/password of raspberry and raspberry, I'm unable to login. Is it possible that ssh logins are not enabled? Or maybe the credentials have changed?

  • Added link to source of the password.
    – dlu
    Apr 3, 2018 at 15:02

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So, here's what I learned...

  1. sshd is enabled by default.
  2. The default login credentials of raspberry/raspberry, given in the FreeBSD Foundation HowTo, appear to have changed.
  3. It the install instructions on the FreeBSD wiki an update from 2015-06-26 shows the default login and password as freebsd and freebsd.
  4. The default root password is listed there as root.

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