I have just got a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I initially installed Raspbian Pi OS on it temporarily to prove that it works and to prove that my touchscreen that I also got for the pi works OK.

I have now tried to flash Android Things image to the SD card, both using the console setup utility and manually using Etcher on two different SD cards. 1 of the SD cards is a 16GB class 10 SD card, the other is 8GB not sure what class though, both though are able to run raspbian OS.

However, when android things is flashed to the SD card, no boot attempt seems to be made. The red power LED comes on but the ACT light doesn't do anything. From what I've read this means that the SD Card is being read.

Looking at the SD card it looks like its not flashing properly but I'm not 100% sure. I've taken a screenshot of windows explorer to show what the SD card contains.

SD Card Contents

As mentioned earlier both SD cards can successfully boot from the Raspbian OS and when booting this image the ACT light flashes but nothing at all when trying to boot from Android Things.

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  • @Ingo this is not a duplicate the question you linked references booting issues with raspbian, raspbian works fine for me – Boardy Apr 5 at 22:50
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    Please read the section Other distributions. – Ingo Apr 5 at 22:55
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Android Things hasn’t been updated for the Pi3B+ yet.

  • I was just coming to that conclusion, I can't believe though that there's that much difference between the Pi 3 B and 3 B+ that would stop it working though. Are there any tricks to make it work even if its not officially supported, not been able to find anything so far. – Boardy Apr 5 at 22:54
  • that much difference the wifi is 2.4 and 5Ghz - so, that alone is a pretty big difference (probably a completely different chipset involved) – Jaromanda X Apr 5 at 23:02
  • There's several hardware changes that would warrant a different OS image. – Nick Felker Apr 6 at 0:24
  • That's hugely annoying didn't realise there was that much of a difference – Boardy Apr 6 at 17:08

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