I am trying to install the EPSON TM-T88V printer with CUPS in Raspberry pi 3, but I can not make prints, the status of the printer says "inactive". I tried the PPD file "tm-ba-thermal-rastertotmt.ppd" but it does not work.

Anyone knows how to solve this ?


If you are still trying to install the necessary packages then this script may help:

#install Epson printer TM-88 / TM-20
sudo mkdir /tmp/install
cd /tmp/install
sudo wget -O /install/master.zip 'https://github.com/plinth666/epsonsimplecups/archive/master.zip'
sudo unzip master.zip
cd epsonsimplecups-master
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libcups2-dev
sudo apt-get install libcupsimage2-dev
sudo make
sudo make install


  1. In a browser, go to http://localhost:631
  2. Click on the Administration Tab,
  3. Click Add Printer,
  4. Click Unknown radio button and Continue
  5. Enter a Name, i.e. Epson
  6. Click Continue
  7. Under Make select Epson
  8. Under Model select Epson TX-T20
  9. Click Add Printer
  10. Set the Media size
  11. Click Set Default Options
  12. Under the Maintenance pop up, select Print Test Page
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I tried the package from plinth666 but the raster wasn't quite proper. I used then a bunch of free code from Epson, a PPD file from another printer and modify them to produce this new package: https://github.com/groolot/epson-tm-t88v-driver

Better rasterization, cash drawer and buzzer, all is operational.

Hope that could help someone like I was: in pain.

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