I'm trying to set up an Adafruit Thermal printer Mode: CSN-A2-T with a Raspberry Pi Zero W that is running Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.4 (which I believe is Raspbian Jessie).

I need to be able to print using either the terminal or Python (or any other programming language) but the problem is that the printer is only printing a limited quantity of characters.

If I send for instance "0123456789abcdef" (sometimes less, sometimes more) it works, but if I try to print "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrst..." or any other long text It stops working or it starts printing random characters.

The printer's test page prints just fine and this issue doesn't appear.

This is the tutorial I used to set it up: https://learn.adafruit.com/networked-thermal-printer-using-cups-and-raspberry-pi/connect-and-configure-printer

These are the commands I'm using to print:

Using LPR:

echo "This is a test." | lpr

Sendind a text to the serial port directly:

echo -e "This is a test.\\n\\n\\n" > /dev/serial0

This is the printed test page holding the feed button (my printer have one) while connecting power as the tutorial said: test page

This is how it prints a short text: short test

This is how it prints a large test (notice that before it was printing correctly): long test

Finally this is the printer setup: settings job options

I hope there's enough information. Thanks for your help :) .

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