I was trying to write a program which can take input from button. Here is the code:

from gpiozero import Button
btn = Button(4)
while True:
    print('You pressed me')
    print('You released me')

Whenever I am pressing the button, my ssh connection gets freezes for a few seconds and gets terminated with the following error message.

"ssh packet_write_wait broken pipe" Please help!

I am on Raspbian stretch, Pi model 1 B+.

Connection is as follows:

ground pin ---> button ---> pin 4 [BCM]

I can see every time when I press button, the red system LED shuts down for that period.


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If you are connecting pin 4 (5v) to ground pressing the button is shorting your power supply.

The power supply will then shutdown and cut power to the Pi -- killing your ssh connection.

Then it reboots after you release the button and you can repeat the process.

If you want GPIO 4 I think that is pin 7.

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