I'm finding as my wlan0 inet adr on my pi when I use "ifconfig" or "hostname -I" in the command line. That's clearly the wrong IP, and it doesn't work for setting up SSH.

I'm running Raspbian, and using a wifi dongle that is connected to the internet.

Perhaps related, I can't figure out how to find whether the network is configured to DHCP or statice, nor how to set it to DHCP.

How do I get my pi's actual IP address?

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    That's clearly the wrong IP - why? what is the IP of your router (or whatever DHCP device you have in your local network) - you pi's actual IP address is whatever ifconfig tells you it is ... it doesn't work for setting up SSH - have you enabled SSH on the pi? – Jaromanda X Apr 11 '18 at 1:51

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