So I got a bunch of these LEDs and I can't seem to figure out how to wire them. This is what I'm working with.

Back of the LED Front of the LED I tried adding the gnd and 5v but it doesnt do anything. When i connect the Din to 5v and Dout to gnd it blinks very weakly. I also cant seem to find any instructions for this specific model online. Thank you.

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The LEDs you show are intended to form part of an addressable LED strip. You power via 5V and ground and then send a serial signal to Din. Normally the LEDs are connected in a chain with a LED's Dout (data out) connected to the next LED's Din (data in).

As they don't appear to have a clock line (just a data line) they are likely to be hard to drive from the Pi.

You need to identify the LED type, only then will you know how they can be programmed.

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