Trying to get an RPi3 (latest raspbian stretch) to work with an Elo Touchsystems ET1919L monitor. Tried all the arm32 drivers from the Elo site and the touch won't work. It shows up in lsusb as "ID 04e7: 0073 Elo TouchSystems", but all the Elo utilities say there is no touchscreen installed. One of the Elo drivers had a kernel module, which I built and installed and it was auto-loaded on reboot, but also did not work. This monitor uses the APR touch technology, which seems to be the least supported on linux, though I managed to get one of the Elo touch computers with APR to work on Ubuntu 14.04 with their legacy APR-only linux driver. There is no arm version of that one though.

Has anybody had any luck with a similar setup?

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