I'm trying to compile C for a PIC16F using SDCC on the RPi. It's going slow but I hope that installing an up to date version of gputils as per here will help.

So how do I do that? I previously installed gputils simply by apt-get (Stretch, RPi 2). I can't work out how to tell what version it installed. Do I need to compile it? Or will some binary be what I want? Please assume minimal Linux competence!


You can find the installed version of a package with dpkg -l [package name], or just search on the Internet for the package name along with "Raspbian Stretch"; you'll usually find packages.debian.org pretty high in the results which tells you the version available in the repository.

For Stretch, the available package is 1.4.0-0.1+b1, which is far more recent than the version mentioned in the thread you linked, 0.13.4-beta (which is to be expected, as that issue was posted in 2007, and it's been 11 years since that page was updated!).

That said, there is a "new" release of gputils, according to the project website; version 1.5.0 was released in August 2016. Curiously it appears no-one has bothered to package the latest version, but I doubt you'd need to update anyway, as your version is already much newer than the one listed in the linked thread.

If you're experiencing a similar error message, it may not be the same issue; it may be worth posting a new issue on their bug tracker, or perhaps asking here if relevant with the error message you get.

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