I have an Epson WiFi printer on my LAN that I would like to be able to send text to print. However, everything says to install cups.

Problem.... Package cups is not available

$ sudo apt-get install cups
Reading package lists... Done Building
dependency tree Reading state information... Done Package cups is not
available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that
the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from
another source However the following packages replace it:  
cups-client cups-filters-core-drivers cups-filters

I install the cups-client, but I can't find any information of how to add my network printer.

Any tips would be appreciated.

  • Welcome! debianadmin.com/… should help you. – Fabian Apr 13 '18 at 23:51
  • What operating system you are using? On my raspbian 2018-03-13 I find cups/stable 2.2.1-8 armhf and other cups stuff. – Ingo Apr 14 '18 at 16:38
  • Fabian, thanks- I hadn't seen that site. I'll give it a try. (Yes, I know it's against the rules to say "thanks" on Stack Exchange). Ingo- I am using Stretch on a Pi 3b. – user3573562 Apr 15 '18 at 2:00

I just ran into this problem myself. The fix is simple: run

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

And try to install cups again:

sudo apt-get cups
  • You should also do sudo apt full-upgrade. – Ingo Jun 24 '19 at 7:54
  • Yes, that might also be necessary. Applying apt update to my answer. – James McLeod Jun 24 '19 at 12:18
  • Update is used to renew the package list. Upgrading the software on using an old package list doesn't make much sense. I have edited your answer on the assumption that you agree. – Ingo Jun 24 '19 at 15:56
  • @Ingo, thanks. You are right, of course. – James McLeod Jun 24 '19 at 16:01

Here is an example which sets up CUPS to use a network printer on a clean installation of Unbutu Server 18.04 on Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

## CUPS command line tools
sudo apt install cups-bsd
## CUPS system
sudo apt install cups

## confirm cups.service is running
sudo systemctl status cups

## find printers
##   -p show printers
##   -d show current default printer 
lpstat -p -d

# printer PRINTER_A is idle.  enabled since Thu Feb 18 22:13:10 2019
# printer PRINTER_B is idle.  enabled since Thu Feb 18 22:13:08 2019
# no system default destination

## set default printer
lpoptions -d PRINTER_B

## print some test file
lpr test-example.pdf

This is an old one but as it came up in my search, I guess others are still finding it.

The usual way to configure cups is through the browser. Go to


You will need the password for 'pi' to have admin rights.

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