Tried to install ctags for vim to work with and was unable to locate it

apt-cache search ctags

Package ctags is not available, but is referred to by another package

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Had to enable apt-get source into /etc/apt/sources.list uncommenting it then apt-get update and then finally the

apt-cache search ctags

gave me

cgvg - command-line source browsing tool
codequery - code-understanding, code-browsing or code-search tool
exuberant-ctags - build tag file indexes of source code definitions
geany-plugin-ctags - ctags plugin for Geany
hasktags - Producer of ctags "tags" and etags "TAGS" files for Haskell programs
hothasktags - Haskell ctags generator
libparse-exuberantctags-perl - exuberant ctags parser for Perl
moap - Swiss army knife for project maintainers and developers

I could finally install exuberant-ctags with sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

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