Alright, so I'm looking to add an element to the right-click menu, in Raspbian's file menu. When you right-click in "negative space" in the FM, you get a litany of options:

  • Create New >
  • Paste
  • Select All
  • Invert Selection
  • Sort Files >
  • Show Hidden

I'm looking to add an element to this list. I need it to run a custom program for someone who isn't computer literate.

I can configure the OpenBox options in ~/.config/openbox/lx..., but I'm having a difficult time finding where these options are located.

Does anybody know where I can add elements to this menu?

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Two-and-a-half years later... 😅

I was able to accomplish this using the nautilus-actions-config-tool. I know Raspian / Raspberry Pi OS don't actually run nautilus, but LXDE (and others) supports the same "Desktop Entry Specification", and rather than edit .desktop files myself, I used the nautilus tool and it worked okay. (Note: I had to do a full reboot to get it to pick up changes. lxpanelctl restart && openbox --restart wasn't working for me.)

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

Good luck; have fun!

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