I don't know if it's the recent updated, but I used to have my 30s splashcreen video as my loading screen

But, now I got a linux kernel version text between the Splashscreen and the Emulation Station loading screen

I did all the steps from both of these tutorials: https://retropie.org.uk/docs/FAQ/#how-do-i-hide-the-boot-text

Remove boot messages (all text) in Jessie

And by doing that, I got rid of all the texts, but I still got a 1s black screen between the Splashcreen and the Emulation Station Loading Screen, and I wanted to get rid of that, so I could use a longer Splashscreen video as the loading screen again

And, before asking what changes I did before this started happening, I only updated the new version of Retropie and enabled SSH

Thank you!


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