I installed raspbian 9 (stretch) on my rasberry pi.

I am using shrewsoft ike/iked to connect to a network. (IPSec)

After I connected to the VPN network, as a VPN client, I have access to server names like behind-vpn.company.com which are normally not accessible without VPN.

I have a second development machine, that cant install shrewsoft ike/iked (Android device) and I would like to use the raspberry pi as some sort of tunnel/hub/proxy/accesspoint/gateway to the vpn.

What would in a network sense such a device be called. VPN access client? What type of software would I have to install on the raspberry pi, so that it exposes it's network? I would need http and ssh to the network.

It is similar to this setup: RPi as VPN Gateway

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Doing what you describe is not difficult, but I think the Raspberry Pi is the wrong tool for the job. What you need is a router, configured as a VPN gateway. Find a small router that has OpenWRT installed on it - like the GL-AR150, about £25. It has all sorts of uses, and is a great complement to your RPi hardware.

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