I was using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B in a project. The Pi was connecting to a web socket and receiving data from the user on a PC or whatever device connected to the same socket.

It was fine at first. But I mistakenly touched -for a moment- a GPIO pin -that was pulsing- to a 7.2v battery's positive that had its ground connected to the Pi's ground.

I was controlling it using SSH, but suddenly the terminal stopped working (without telling that the Pi disconnected; it always tells when Pi disconnects) and Pi heated up. I removed all the pins connected and unplugged the charger.

When I plugged the charger again, the Red LED lit faintly and the CPU heated and became untouchable in less than a second.

Is there any way for the Pi to work again?

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    Sorry to say, i think its dead....
    – Chad G
    Apr 23 '18 at 21:26


Take it on the bright side.

You have learned one thing never to do to a Raspberry Pi.

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