I want to block ads in my whole network with dnsmasq running on a Raspberry Pi, connected via Ethernet to the router. Is there any reason to take a RPi3? Or is a RPi2 also sufficient for that task?

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An RPi2 is sufficient if your internet connection speed is less than 100mb/s which it is likely to be. If you have a faster internet connection speed then you would be better off with the latest model of RPi3 (model B+) which has an ethernet speed of about 300mb/s (gigabit port but speed is limited by USB 2 bus).

Having said that I would try to make the change on the router instead. I have DD-WRT installed on my router although I would recommend OpenWRT instead but either support dnsmasq modifications or even have specific services to block ads.

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    Your answer implies that the raspberry pi will be used as some sort of router between the internet and the LAN ... but, dnsmasq has nothing to do with routing Apr 27, 2018 at 0:24
  • Yes, exactly. I just want to intercept the dns queries using dnsmasq. My home internet would be 10gbit synchronous, so the RPi would be a massive performance impact. Apr 27, 2018 at 16:00

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