I am building a speech recognition application to be run on Raspberry Pi 3. I have developed a Tensorflow model for this purpose that I am able to run on Raspberry Pi through command line.

How do I make a call to this model from my application (both on Raspberry Pi)? Should I install and run Tensoflow Serving on Raspberry Pi to serve the model (I tried this and got an Exec format error on running tensorflow_model_server)?

I want both the model and my speech recognition application to run locally on Raspberry Pi to avoid any network delay.

  • Do you have tensorflow installed on your RPi? Which version of Raspbian are you running it on? – Seamus May 3 '18 at 15:55

Yes, you can use it for low-cost computational problems.

However, for large datasets it can take a long time to process. Use this for install and configure: Deep Learning on Pi: Install TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi 3

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