Read this a couple times googling it but i cannot resolve it with the given solutions.

When i connect to rpi with vncviewer i enter the "pi"-account password in vncviewer and indeed get a graphical desktop on my display, demanding user and password again. When i enter that the screen goes black for a couple seconds and then the login window comes up again.

I also tried creating a new user and logging in via that account, here i just get "access is denied" by vnc viewer.

Thanks for any input, Sven

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The vnc password is NOT generally the login password, and would vary by user.

Run the vncpasswd utilty to set.

Normally you should be prompted to enter the password the first time you run vncserver.

Try man vncpasswd for more detail.

  • Interesting, thank you. Although an incorrect password does not seem to be the issue here. When i deliberately enter a wrong password in the login screen i get a message telling me about it, not the "usual" black screen. Further, i set a new password on vncpasswd anyway but without success.
    – oub
    May 8, 2018 at 10:05

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