This might be a touch specific, but does anyone know if the 4D Systems uTOLED-20-G2 can be used as a display? They make an adapter but I cannot locate any info and the documentation for the adapter was written November of last year, but the display was released earlier this year I believe.

If anyone has any info about it or where I can look, because I've search but most of the stuff I find is just product info or websites selling both an RPi or the display, etc.


This environment is also provided to transform the display module into a slave serial display module, allowing the user to control the display from any host microcontroller or device with a serial port

So you should be able to connect it to the GPIO pins and send data to it. But you can't connect like a normal display. So you can't get the video card's output onto it.


According to the datasheet of the adapter (http://www.4dsystems.com.au/product/5/40/Raspberry_Pi_Display_Modules/4D_Serial_Pi_Adaptor/ Rev 1.1):

The 4D Raspberry Pi Serial Adaptor is compatible with the following 4D Systems display modules:

  • uLCD-24PT
  • uLCD-28PT
  • uLCD-32PT
  • uOLED-96-G1/G2
  • uOLED-128-G1/G2
  • uOLED-160-G1/G2
  • uLCD-144-G1/G2
  • uLCD-43 (All versions)
  • uLCD-24-PTU
  • uLCD-28-PTU
  • uLCD-32-PTU
  • uLCD-32W-PTU

Since the uTOLED display is not listed, I'd be sceptical, whether the display is fully supported.

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