I have a new LG TV. This TV has:

  • 1 HDMI input that is used for a second display on my desktop PC
  • 1 VGA that is used for a second display on my MacBook Pro
  • 1 SCART input (is free)
  • 1 compositor with 5 inputs

I tried to connect the Raspberry with the old yellow wire but I couldn't see anything well; additionally the picture was black and white.

How could I connect it to the TV with good quality? Could I use the SCART input, and if so, how?

  • According to wikipedia the scart port supports composite but I can't say if your TV does.
    – Craig
    Jul 10, 2013 at 19:19

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Composite output defaults to NTSC. If you got a PAL tv it wil display monochrome.

Try changing your config.txt and uncomment the line sdtv_mode=2:

# uncomment for composite PAL

I would say if you have a "composite in" on your TV you are likely to have an RGB LR (Red, Green, Blue, AudioLeft, AudioRight) input.

You will probably need one of these (apologies for the Amazon link) SCART to 3 Phono & S-Video Adaptor to plug in the video phono (yellow) cable to your TV to get a colour signal (and it could explain why you are only getting monochrome currently).


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