This question is not specifically a Pi question, but about how to FORCE the Pi hdmi to wake my monitor from sleep, which seems to be a seems to be specific to the Pi hardware, although it may be a foible of the monitor.

I have a monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 740B) connected to my Pi. (The monitor is connected via a DVI-hdmi converter and a 3 port hdmi switch, but even direct connection often fails.) Normally this works well, however I seem to have problems waking it up.

I normally turn the monitor off when not in use for a period, but on power up the display remains blanked. The LED in the power button blinks, normally solid when running. If I leave it in this state (turned on, blank display) it eventually springs to life, but this takes quite some time. Once it has woken up everything works as normal.

I have tried many ploys to wake it up. Pressing Shift key usually wakes other computers, but has no effect on the Pi. I try tvservice -p tvservice -o in various combinations seems to have little effect. The Pi responds to keyboard (I can log on and see a new session over ssh on another computer), can restart, switch tty, but the display remains stubbornly blank.

I have tried tvservice -c "PAL 4:3" followed by tvservice -p I have also tried switching virtual consoles, unsuccessfully.

Even restarting the Pi does not always work.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

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    I thought tvservice deals with the pi HDMI port - but your issue seems to be the monitor state ... have you looked into cec-ctl – Jaromanda X May 12 '18 at 2:32
  • you do not have a monitor with an HDMI port ... try a different HDMI-DVI converter – jsotola May 12 '18 at 5:07
  • HDMI CEC is likely the way to go. – cybernard May 17 '18 at 0:59

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