I have a Raspberry Pi and a HC-SR04 integrated circuit for measuring distance. I have found many resources for how to connect the HC-SR04 to the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi, but because the HC-SR04 outputs at 5V, it is necessary to use two resistors to divide the voltage and everything I've found only shows how to connect the HC-SR04 to the RPi via a breadboard.

The schematic is not terribly complicated: enter image description here

I have the necessary resistors and numerous jumper wires, I'm just not sure how to wire it all up without a breadboard. Can anyone help?

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    May 17, 2018 at 16:51

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The HC-SR04 is touted as a drop in replacement for the SN-SR04T. While I haven't tested this, I connect the SN-SR04T thusly

  • Pin 4 connects directly to the +5V connector
  • Pin 6 Connects directly to the GND connector, but is incorporated into the voltage divider for the Echo pin.
  • Pin 8 connects to the centre of the voltage divider.
  • Pin 10 connects directly to the Trig connector.

enter image description here

And the power supply connection can be seen a bit better here

enter image description here

See the book Raspberry Pi Computing: Ultrasonic Distance Measurement online for some extra details.

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