I normally use apt-get on the raspberry pi to update/install/etc., but I like just plain apt better because of the better interface and text coloring, etc. I can't seem to find anything on google that says you shouldn't use apt for raspberry pi, but all the raspberry pi tutorials and documentation all use apt-get.

I know on other Linux dists(like ubuntu) apt is used much more often, so why do all the raspberry pi tutorials use apt-get?

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There is no difference between Raspbian and other Debian distributions belonging to use apt. The Raspberry Pi is intended to be used by beginners and I suppose there are more beginners for Linux than in other distros. The Raspberry Pi Foundation seems to be a little bit conservative so most official documentation on raspberrypi.org uses old style system tools like apt-get vs. apt and ifconfig vs. iproute2 or iwconfig vs. iw and so on. Beginners copy and paste that and so we have this situation.

I suggest to use modern system tools like apt, iproute2, iw or systemd because old tools like net-tools with ifconfig and friends become deprecated by the time.

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