When I bootup my py with latest version of raspbian with only one IR camera my Pi wont bootup. The red led blinks red. This same PI, Img, and SDCard were working weeks with same camera + nova PM Sensor + aosong temperature sensor and logging to a google sheet while streaming video from IR Camera. From a day to another it stopped working!

  • Camera is this kind enter image description here

What I tried

  • Rebuild an entire SDcard img with a fresh raspbian img
  • Try on another board
  • Try another SD Card
  • Try another camera
  • Try another ribbon
  • Change power source with multiples power adapter, on my study on that I understood a lot of things but am still never on the limit of my 2.0A adapters. I measured a 5.3V power ever and less than 600mA drawn. The logs still contains frequently some voltage drops even if my multimeter (good quality) indicates always 5.3V!
  • Booting up the Pi and plugging the camera ribbon after (crash and Pi becomes unreachable by network)
  • Disable HDMI input to draw less power

    I have the same problem booting up a simple Pi with plugged in nova PM Sensor. I have to unplug it to let it bootup and then I can plug it again... the red light stays on.

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