My Raspberry Pi 3 is going to be used like a music center, it will play various songs and videos but recently I want to implement a "voice amplifier" command or software, I tried to find on Google similar topics but only found related topics like streaming audio from one Pi to another or a baby monitor...

TL;DR-> Basically outputting anything that my microphone hears through jack port.

My setup is

  • RPI 3B 1.2ghz w/ Raspbian Jessie OS March update
  • Blue Snowball iCE USB microphone
  • Old but awesome big Pioneer speakers (Connects through Jack)

Try to use alsaaudio

Here is an exemple(Not sure if it work):

import alsaaudio, audioop

micro = alsaaudio.PCM(alsaaudio.PCM_CAPTURE,card='hw:1,0')#Microphone
micro.setrate(10) #10
micro.setperiodsize(32) # 32

output = alsaaudio.PCM(mode=alsaaudio.PCM_ASYNC , card='hw:1,0')#Speakers

while True:
    sample_length, sample = micro.read()
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