I've started my Raspberry Pi Model B without having any monitor plugged. Then I plugged the HDMI monitor, but got no signal. So far I've been able to turn it on by using the command:

tvservice --preferred

But it only turns the monitor on and sets the preferred display mode, while the screen is still blank. I've then been able to reset to low-resolution console by starting Xorg with the command

startx /usr/bin/lxterminal

(which runs in low resolution itself) and then just typed exit into the terminal.

The problem is that the resulting console is still low-resolution, and the way I got it is far from being elegant.

How can I get the native-resolution console after booting up without monitor, without rebooting?

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After some more searching I've found the solution:

  1. tvservice --preferred (monitor turns on)
  2. Alt+F2, Alt+F1 to switch to VT2 and back to VT1 (console text appears)
  3. fbset -g 1920 1080 1920 1080 32 (resolution becomes 1920x1080)

Thanks to this answer.

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