I've followed this post :

How to auto start chromium after boot on the Raspberry 2 (2015-01-31 debian wheezy)?

I've added the two following lines to the autostart file referenced there


Both those commands work from the terminal but nothing on startup.

Two questions arise from this.

  • Any thoughts on why it isn't working
  • How can I monitor/log/track what may or may not be working with this?

to get Chromium and ekiga to start at login on a per user basis I needed to do the following

> nano /home/user/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart 

then add the following lines:

@/usr/bin/chromium-browser --command-line-options
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Do you use a distro with installed LXDE? Otherwise this autostart file location is wrong.

LXDE/KDE/Gnome all are different, what desktop enviroment did you use?

(you can even try to use cron via crontab for this with the @reboot flag)

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  • I'm just using stock raspbian. The file /LXDE-pi/autostart already existed and had entries in it (eg @lxpanel --profile LXDE-pi) so I assumed that LXDE was already there. – Patrick Jun 20 '18 at 10:19

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