I need help on my Raspberry Pi 3B. I accidentally broke a small part of it and it fell on the ground which is the reason I cannot find it anymore (It's just sooo small.).

That is an image of the Rpi 3B with a red sign where i ripped off that small piece of electronic.


I do not know what exactly it is but I expect it to be a resistor. Could you tell me what it is and where I can obtain more precise information on how I could replace it (If it is a resistor just the omage). Next to let's call it resistor there is a code "C187" which is most likely referring to that resistor.


The part you're missing is a 100nF capacitor, most likely from the power part of schematics, which is there to reduce the noise. Unless you have a solid soldering skills for SMD parts, I'd recommend to ignore the missing part, your RPi should work just fine without it.

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