I have a transmission server set up as an addon for LibreELEC, which is installed on my Raspberry Pi 3. I downloaded it from this repo by a member on the LibreELEC forums.

I can access this server on the local network from the browser using an IP address like so: 192.168.0.xx:9091/transmission/web

I usually don't want more than one torrent to be downloading at a time. But there doesn't seem to any way from the GUI to set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads. I also tried the Configure option for the addon within the LibreELEC GUI but there was no option there either.

Is there any other way to set the max number of simultaneous downloads, perhaps by modifying a settings file?

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Try to edit the config file, changing download-queue-enabled to True and download-queue-size to whatever size you like. Here's documentation for your reference.


Apparently you need to change the download-queue-size variable to 1 in settings.json, according to the documentation.

However it isn't immediately clear from the documentation where to find this file when Transmission is installed as an addon on LibreELEC or some other version of Kodi. It is in the following location:


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