I am unable to use a IP scanner to find my raspberry pi when directly connected using Ethernet. (it worked like 1 month ago)

If i connect my rpi into my router and which is then connected to my pc through an Ethernet cable. I can connect and detect the raspberry pi using the IPV4 address.

If i connect my rpi directly to my laptop (with SSH Enabled). My laptop does detect a new Ethernet connection and says that i have a new unidentified network. I then run ipconfig and i see that Ethernet 3 adapter is now active with a IPV4 address of:

However when i scan: - I cant find the raspberry pi!.

Why is it that it works when connected through a router but not directly using Ethernet cable? Thanks

  • Is the raspberry pi configured for static IP? Commented Jul 1, 2018 at 22:19

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If you connect the Raspberry Pi and your laptop to the router it will give them each an ip address from its DHCP server. Seems it serves an ip range from the subnet and give the laptop the address If you disconnect the laptop from the router and connect the raspi to the laptop then there is no more a DHCP server that gives your devices a network configuration. It may be possible that they get a Link-local address from ip address block through Zero-configuration networking. Then you can find your raspi simply with name raspberrypi.local on the connection. Simply you boot the raspi and the laptop and try from the laptop

~$ ping raspberrypi.local

If you use a network scanner on this block it will scan 65534 ip addresses, hmmm...

  • Yes it was a DHCP server problem Commented Jul 1, 2018 at 23:55

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