I am attempting to connect two Raspberry Pi's via Bluetooth. I have loaded all the libraries needed on both pis. Here is my methodology:

Boot the pi's


sudo obexpushd B-23 -o /bluetooth -n # On master pi
sudo obexpushd B-22 -o /bluetooth -n # on slave pi
Both print out the successful statement of listening on bluetooth.


sudo bluetoothctl

Make both pi's bluetooths discoverable.

On the master pi, connect to slave pi via the bluetoothctl command window. I then get the following error:

"Device B8:27:EB:8C:5D:## Connected: Yes"
"Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed"
"Device B8:27:EB:8C:5D:## Connected: No"

I have literally no idea what this error pertains to. Online forums have indicated this error occurs with audio devices. There is no audio device here.

I should note, I have been able to connect them. But they only stay connected for a very short time before they disconnect again. I see this message in the bluetoothctl command window. My goal is eventually, to have the slave and master connected and the slave sending files via ussp-push.


I followed along with these two guides:




Okay I was able to connect and have opened a new command window to run a sudo ussp-push command. There are still some problems:

The ussp-push command is only sending a 10 BYTE file, and has given no completetion message.

The bluetoothctl is now giving me the following error:

"Failed to connect: org.freedesktop.BDus.Error.NoReply"

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