I have a project that I will make a connection with the Internet and listen to a stream (in my case IP:port or .ogg, .m3u URL online radio station) then decode the music and transmit it to speakers connected to the microcontroller.

At first, I thought that Arduino UNO can be used with an ethernet shield and mp3 decoder shield. But, after research, two shields cannot be used on it. Furthermore, a comment that says:

Not a chance. Even the ESP8266, which has many times the RAM and processing power of a UNO requires an external RAM chip for buffering. The UNO will never be able to decode the audio fast enough, and it doesn't have an analog output to drive the speaker. I'd recommend using a Raspberry Pi or similar. This is not a task for a microcontroller.

Secondly, I thought that a Raspberry Pi could be used but I heard it doesn't work with the battery cell (in my case AA alkalines and LiOn.)

Moreover, I need a microcontroller working with battery cells and meets the expectations to build the project.

There are some similar links related to the project,




Youtube in action.

What would you propose to me for the project to be achieved? How can I overcome the project?

What about Raspberry Pi Zero W? If it is ok, what do I need additionally e.g. modules?

  • is this the sort of thing you want to create? (that's an arduino solution, so whoever told you that you can't do it with Arduino is wrong) Jul 12 '18 at 1:07
  • So do you just need to solve power for the RPi? I've seen chips that can power the RPI from 1 or multiple 18650 Lion batteries or multiple AA's.
    – Vincent P
    Jul 12 '18 at 15:40

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