I am working on a project wherein i need to feed images from a camera to a computer vision application on Pi. I have never worked with camera systems before.

The camera will be tasked to continuously snap images every second and store it on a designated folder on the raspberry pi. Is this a correct way to think about the setup?

Also, what kind of a cheap camera i can buy online for the purpose?

The computer vision application will take every image and try to identify the object in it.


The official Raspberry Pi Camera module has excellent performance. It is very well supported from the Python and C programming languages.

An alternative to the official camera would be USB cameras. Interestingly cheap no-name brands might work better. They should work well enough from C and C++. Python has some libraries like python-v4l2 but i don't know about their quality.

Do not buy cameras without USB or those needing complex SDKs. Those are completely unsupported on Raspbian Linux in most cases.

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