After trying to install this script using these commands:

$ git clone git://github.com/mislav/dotfiles.git ~/dotfiles 
$ ~/dotfiles/script/bootstrap

I restarted my Raspberry Pi and I'm seeing these errors on my terminal everytime i open:

bash: rbenv: command not found
bash: nodenv: command not found

How can I fix this?

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    can you see a folder ~/.rbenv - ? if not, then the bootstrap failed to do what it purports to do - also, when you ran bootstrap, were there any errors? Commented Jul 15, 2018 at 4:49

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It seems that your ~/.profile now contains these two commands. These belong to a javascript and a ruby environment. If you want to use these, install them and your command not found will disappear.

If you do not want to use ruby or node.js, have a good look at your .profile. Do not just delete these two commands. Your set-up for dot files does some things that you did not expect, so there may be other surprises as well.

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