I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 with 5V/2.5A input.

I'm going to do heavy work with Rasp (so need to cool CPU). Today I bought 5 V mini fan for my Raspberry and plugged to GPIO pins 4 and 6. While typing on the terminal, operating system shuts down itself, but fan continues to work. Is it normal, do I need to power my fan externally and if so could I use any mobile charger?

What is your opinion?


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Maybe a problem for the power required by the fan. You can not draw power from GPIO. If you need the GPIO to pilot the fan (for example to start it when the temperature rises over a preset value) you must use a transistor (or something else) as a switch. Take power (for the transistor) directly from the main power supply of Pi or from another external supply.

here you have one example.

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    – user70
    Jul 19, 2018 at 7:48

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