I have a raspberry pi zero configured as a RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget. I installed the latest raspian image and followed the steps to set up for ssh etc.

When I first connected to the pi and shared the Internet connection on my Win 7 PC it worked fine. Then when I reconnected it stopped.

I am still able to ssh into the Pi but no Internet. I have rebooted but still no joy.

Looking through some fixes online, there was a suggested fix for someone who had the same issue. He disabled IPv6 and used local, but the issue was on a mac. I have no idea how it could be done on a Windows PC.

I have set the Pi with a static IP as when I had issues before, I did this and it worked at the beginning but has since stopped again.

I have disabled AV and firewall but it made no difference.

I also use VirtualBox on the Win7 computer and it creates a virtual network connection. Could it be causing an issue?

If you require more info please let me know, any help much appreciated.

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