I need to choose encryption tool to secure my USB stored files, and I'm stuck with tools like VeraCrypt, ecryptfs or dm-crypt. The task is to encrypt folder or virtual disk that could be mounted as decrypted volume and also should be able to recover if i meesed something with Pi system or SDCard.

Which one should I chose for best performance and security on Pi3?

  • Have you tried googling your problem? This site isn’t suppose to recommend you a specific program – Mohammad Ali Jul 22 '18 at 18:25
  • Yes, sure. After that, I end with this 3 tools, but i can't find any comparison about strength and performance on Pi3. I would to know which one is strongest and fastest on Pi3. – Łukasz Jakubek Jul 22 '18 at 20:03

I made some simple tests to compare performance of dm-crypt, ecryptfs and encfs. Test was very simple, just copy 2GB of random data to each encrypted volume. Volume are stored on the same USB Disk (Magnetic) connected to RPi3.


         | size    | write     | read
raw      | 2.0 GiB | 32.7 MB/s | 30.9 MB/s
dm-crypt | 2.0 GiB | 28.3 MB/s | 30.8 MB/s
ecryptfs | 2.0 GiB | 12.3 MB/s | 31.5 MB/s
encfs    | 2.0 GiB |  7.7 MB/s | 13.5 MB/s

I connot install VeraCrypt or other TrueCrypt fork to make test. I had problems with installing this tools, and I give up finally.

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