I have two Pis that send data from remote sites via WiFi and needed their WiFi credentials changed. I connect via eth0 and access with ssh -X.

Each time I successfully access ssh, the connection drops, with the message:

the system is going for reboot now!

this will happen a few times, and sometimes I won't be able to get back on for a minute or so.

I was then able to get through and change the credentials without it cutting out, successfully doing a sudo reboot myself. But the Pis are now not connecting when back at the site. I've double checked the WiFi credentials and they're correct, but I'm not sure if this is related to the self-rebooting issue.

On another, third Pi, the same thing happens, but the message is

 connection closed by remote host

I've read elsewhere that this could be a power supply problem, but I've checked this and I'm using the plug that came with the Pi. They were working perfectly well on site before the WiFi changes, and the ethernet cable is secure.

Could the self-rebooting/connection-closing be the root of the problem, and what causes it and how can I remedy it?

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    The context and configuration in your question is not entirely clear, and that may hinder your getting a good answer to your question. For example, when you say, "... and needed their WiFi credentials changed.", what does that mean exactly? Why do the WiFi credentials need changing? Also, some background on the configuration of your RPi devices might help; e.g. what apps are you running, or what are they doing exactly. RPi's don't ordinarily "self-reboot", so we're looking for something that you might have changed to cause that. – Seamus Jul 23 '18 at 16:07

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