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I download the Ubuntu Classic Server 16.04 - Raspberry Pi 3 from https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/download/ and installed it on my RPi 3. Now I see that wlan0 is missing.

I don't have /dev/video0 even-though I have a (flex) camera connected.

So I tried to see if it is a configuration matter, but when executed

sudo raspi-config

I get:

sudo: raspi-config: command not found

Is that the problem? If so, how can I install it?

If not, what else can I try in order to make the camera and wifi module to work?

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raspi-config is just a front end to the various configuration files - it is a simple bash script (if long and convoluted), and you could copy it from Raspbian, or find on the web.

Whether it would work is doubtful; while most options should work, networking probably won't as Ubuntu uses Network Manager and predictable network interface names so wlan0 won't exist.

raspi-config is now installed on Ubuntu Mate for Pi and this may be different to the Raspbian version.

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