I have setup home network to use DDNS such that I can login to router from outside network using the custom domain.

I have assigned static (local) IP address to raspberry Pi.

I have port forwarded to this local IP on port 22 for SSH.

I can use PuTTY to login via the DDNS host name to access Pi remotely.

Unfortunately the same settings do not work with WinSCP to do file transfer (SFTP).

PuTTY settings (working) look like:

Host Name (or IP address) - ddnsHostName:ddnsPort

Port - 22

Connection Type - SSH

WinSCP settings (not working) look like:

File protocol - SFTP

Host Name (or IP address) - ddnsHostName:ddnsPort

Port number - 22

User name - pi

WinSCP error is: Host "ddnsHostName:ddnsPort" does not exist

  • it all looks ok, except I don't get why the host name includes the :ddnsPort - perhaps just use ddnsHostName since port is separately configured Commented Jul 25, 2018 at 2:25

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Host Name (or IP address) - ddnsHostName:ddnsPort

you should NOT put the port here, that's configured in

Port number - 22

So, change the Host Name config to

Host Name (or IP address) - ddnsHostName

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