Can anybody point me to a twitter client for the Raspberry Pi?

I'd like to use this for an event that I will be doing IT for. The idea is to have an unattended Rpi hooked up to a projector which will display certain search-terms.

People at the event can tweet to a hash-tag in order to display something on the screen.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I should clarify. This will be a social event where a lot of (non technical) people will be gathering in a bar, drinking over-priced beverages, observing some kind of cabaret acts, etc.

The event organizers wanted to give the event a "hashtag", (e.g. #fooevent).

The idea of this display is that any time somebody in the bar writes a tweet, we'd like it to appear on the screen after a short delay. It ought to be formatted nicely along with the user's icon.

By "non web-based", I meant not accessing Twitter via a web-browser. Some kind of twitter-client that can provide a more customized on-screen experience.

One idea was to hack Gwibbler, but I was hoping to spend not that much time on this project.


Try T. It's a Twitter CLI client, written in Ruby.

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  • Neat, but not what I'm after. T does not appear to have any kind of GUI (it's a pure CLI client), which means it's not going to look all that good for a non-technical audience on those projectors! – Salim Fadhley Jul 1 '12 at 18:35
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    @SalimFadhley Define non-web based then? – Jivings Jul 1 '12 at 18:39
  • I've clarified above. – Salim Fadhley Jul 1 '12 at 18:50

I wrote my own in 'talking twitter client' Python using twitter streaming api. The streaming api might be a better solution for your display, as you wouldn't have to wait or poll for new results as twitter would stream the tweet to your client in realtime.

The client I wrote is not much more than a proof of concept, but it might give you a starting point, see stuffaboutcode.com talking twitter client

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Check out http://www.sbprojects.com/projects/raspberrypi/tweet.php


  • Get API account from supertweet.net
  • install CURL
  • run the shell script.
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There are a number of twitter clients available for linux, many of which have GUI interfaces. I haven't used any of these, but according to its website Choqok supports the search API, so is probably something like what you are looking for.

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I've used Twirssi in the past, it's a Twitter extension written for irssi.

Please note that I haven't used it for over a year, but based on the Twitter feed of the author it is still active and functioning.

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Given that Python is really well supported on the RPi, you should probably look at the python Twitter API which is easy to integrate for the suggested projector use.

Have a look at http://code.google.com/p/python-twitter/ for more details.

And you can install it on your device by doing:

sudo pip install python-twitter
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