For testing and learning purposes I have made a copy of raspi-config file. i can see it in directory and can open it for editing. However, after saving it with different name I cannot execute it using this command:

pi@pi:/ $ sudo raspi-config.test

and getting this reply :

sudo: raspi-config.test: command not found

This is my first attempt to make a copy of Linux file.

Did I missed something to make the file executable?

I have no issues running the original using same command sudo file-name


In linux it is a "security" issue that you cannot execute scripts and programs in the current directory by default. To do that you must precede the script with ./ (dot+slash) so your call should look like this:

rpi ~$ sudo ./raspi-config.text

It may also be required to make the script executable with

rpi ~$ sudo chmod ugo+x raspi-config.text

Btw.: It doesn't matter but for convention it is better to name your shell script raspi-config.sh.

  • Point taken as far as .sh "suffix" – Jan Hus Aug 3 '18 at 22:23
  • OK I cannot accept my own answer, so how to close / mark solved the issue? – Jan Hus Aug 4 '18 at 0:15
  • With the accepted answer the question is solved. – Ingo Aug 4 '18 at 0:27

I need to use chmod +x to be able to execute the new file.

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