I have a Raspberry Pi 3B device connected to a LCD '7 (7 inches LCD, its a touch screen I believe that's called DSI not sure) and also a HDMI screen.

By default Raspbian considers the LCD as the default screen and send the framebuffer to that device.

I understand that can be changed from /boot/config.txt file, however this will disable the LCD '7.

My goal is to be able to show a picture on the HDMI device while LCD is active. Please note:

  1. The sound from the HDMI is irrelevant

  2. I understand that there is only one framebuffer and need a way around that.

  3. I rather use C++ code if programming is necessary (but I am open to learn any other programming languages)

  4. The task is to show an image file (e.g .png, .jpg) not a binary buffer (because I have no idea how to generate a binary buffer in the first place but I'm open to suggestions)

  5. I already tried fbi, doesn't satisfy my needs.

  6. I tried dispmanx.c program located: /opt/vc/src/hello-pi/hello-displmanx/, it does exactly as I expect with the difference that I can't find a way to make that code to show an actual .png file on the screen.

I understand that a similar question has been already asked, but it seems that I have trouble understanding the solution suggested for it as I find the answer complicated for my level of knowledge.

I am new to C language and libraries. any suggestions on manipulation of dispmanx.c file to handle the task in hand are welcome.

I am also open to any other suggestions.

edit: I found http://www.raspberry-projects.com/pi/programming-in-c/display/dispmanx-api/dispmanx-api-general which has a pngviewer.c file which seems able to handle my problem, but after making the program and calling ./pngviewer I receive the following error:

./pngview: error while loading shared libraries: libraspidmx.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

command I used: ./pngview myPic.png

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I found a well structured program in git hub :


which handles my task. to open a .png file and show it on the HDMI display while DSI screen is functioning as the main screen on the raspberry pi.

after download and running the 'make' in the subfolder of the program, an executable file will be generated in pngview folder, I used that executable and I gave '-d 5' as the input parameter of the object which describes the HDMI port as output of the view.

the whole command: ./pngview -d 5 myPng.png

Note: if upon execution you faced an Error:

while loading library: libraspidmx.so.1

read this discution: https://github.com/AndrewFromMelbourne/raspidmx/issues/16

in brief this will fix the execution error:

sudo cp lib/libraspidmx.so.1 /usr/lib/

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