I have a LM35 sensor connected to my Pi using the MCP3204(12bit ADC). To read the values I found a python wrapper for the Spi protocol called py-spidev.

I am following tutorials which uses use the MCP3008 Here is the function that reads the value from the sensor.

def readadc(adcnum):

if adcnum > 7 or adcnum < 0: return -1 r = spi.xfer2([1, 8 + adcnum << 4, 0]) adcout = ((r[1] & 3) << 8) + r[2] return adcout

My question is Should I be changing something if I am using a 12 bit ADC?

  • Probably not. But just try it out, and you'll see if it works.
    – Gerben
    Aug 5, 2013 at 11:40

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The above code is only capturing a 10 bit output.

adcout = ((r[1] & 3) << 8) + r[2]

It only captures two bits from r[1] ((r[1] & 3) << 8) plus the 8 from r[2]. In reviewing the datasheet, you will need to capture the four lowest bits of r[1], so you would need to change that line to read:

adcout = ((r[1] & 15) << 8) + r[2]

15 = 0x0F or 00001111, four lowest bits. Three of the four upper bits are unknown, which is why we are zeroing any bits which are not of interest.

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